Early detection and early treatment can overcome many problems.

The Specified Nonprofit Corporation Melcare Minato Center provides counseling for support of child development, learning intervention, and behavioral intervention, as well as monitoring of growth process, and clinical training seminars for instructors involved in the treatment of children with developmental disabilities. Those who are not eligible for public benefits or who have not applied for them, and parents who live in Tokyo who wish to use public benefits for outpatient support projects and consultation support projects in the future, will need to consult with the local government concerning outpatient benefits, etc. We provide a detailed assessment of children and advance consultation on child care, family stress, and schools for children with developmental disabilities. Melcare provides free consultation on support for child-oriented long-term care, together with the focus of reducing family stress. Depending on the content of the consultation, we may cooperate with local governments, childcare / educational institutions, family support facilities such as respite care, various welfare establishments, consultation support establishments for children with disabilities designated by local governments, and medical institutions.

Types of support in the Melcare Program

We provide guidance and training to preschoolers so that they can acquire basic movement and develop knowledge skills to use in daily life, as well as to smoothly adapt to group life. With core functions of early detection and treatment, we provide in-depth assessments for preschoolers with developmental problems, and we offer guidance on individual clinical treatment and home treatment methods. This program is intended for children from around 2 years old to preschool age and for children who are not enrolled in school. As a general rule, we encourage parents to be present, so that we can cooperate with home rehabilitation.

In the Melcare Preschooling Program, we carry out individual early detection and treatment, especially for young children. In collaboration with Melcare Minato Center, we focus on pre-elementary school learning support in small groups, pre-admission support for nursery schools and kindergartens, language hearing training (speech delay), and counseling to improve family stress.


 (Five areas of language development, cognitive development, emotional development, behavioral development, and motor development + specialized specific program)

We will carry out more specialized speech-language-hearing training that is incorporated into conventional comprehensive support. 

We also offer extra support for improvement in language / communication, hearing loss, stuttering, and eating / swallowing disorders for children who exhibit a delay in communication and eating functions. We carefully evaluate the development of each individual from infant to preschool age, and provide support and detailed advice according to individualized guidance programs. Working in collaboration with medical professionals such as doctors and dentists, and health and welfare professionals such as child instructors, nursery teachers, and certified psychiatrists, speech therapy is centered on the experience and expertise of speech therapists. We will supplement with additional support from those who are thought to be less frequent in speech therapy training at medical institutions.

 (Target: Language development disorder, vocalization / speech disorder / articulation disorder / stuttering, eating and swallowing disorder, cleft lip and palate, etc.)

We believe that it is crucial to create a system that supports both personal counseling for children with developmental disabilities and families working with counselors and on-site teachers. By combining medical care, assessments, and educational interventions for families with children with developmental disabilities, many improvements can be seen by the time the child reaches elementary school age. We believe that it is also necessary to build a system that can reduce family stress. It is essential that parents and those involved in childcare and education share in the understanding that early detection and care are of utmost importance in determining the child`s future. At Melcare, welfare professionals as well as experienced psychologists, work as a team to provide support.


(Home care consultation, developmental examination, family cooperation, school attendance consultation, medical cooperation consultation, second opinion, etc.)


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